Zanzibar: An Oral History

by Bruce Tantum
Most anybody with an interest in club land’s hallowed history knows Club Zanzibar. Located in a broken-down stretch of Newark, New Jersey, it was the spot where famed spinner Tony Humphries rose to fame. Some may be aware that the club – along with the Movin’ Records shop and label – helped spawn the sometimes raw but always soulful, gospel-infused subgenre of house known as the Jersey Sound. A few may even realize that while it took its cues from Manhattan, it stood apart, evolving a distinct identity to the hallowed dance halls of the big city. But only the most devoted nightlife historian knows the rich history of the influential – and, to those who were there, beloved – club, which ran from 1979 until the early ’90s.

EXCLUSIVE Interview w/ the Legendary Tony Humphries

New Jersey resident Tony Humphries name is synonymous to the early “New Jersey sound”. As being exposed to The Loft and David Mancuso in the beginning, Tony has done a major contribution to the house music culture since then. He held court as resident for some time at the legendary Zanzibar Club in New Jersey. He did Kiss-FM NY for years spreading vibes across the nation to thousands of people, and soon after starting to lend a helping hand with productions for artist to many to mention.

Up Close With Tony Humphries

Here’s something we stumbled upon.. You might want to grab a drink and sit back for this, as we get up and close with House Legend, Tony Humphries.. where he spills about his latest track, his inspirations, The Jersey sound, and more.. and also check out the link to his latest tracks below – after the interview.

A New York Tale: Tony Humphries

Wednesday July 24, Le Bain was honored to welcome the legendary Tony Humphries for an encore Brobot Knights X Mercury Nights. From the dawn of Kiss FM to the best bootleg vinyl, DJ Dave Tobon got Tony’s full musical history.

Interview with Tony Humphries

Tony Humphries adds his name to the illustrious trio of Frankie Knuckles, Francois Kervorkian and Danny Tenaglia as a DJ to select a ‘Choice’ for Azuli. As one of the acknowledged godfathers of house, he stands in a good position to pull out some early classics that rocked the joint at New Jersey’s legendary Zanzibar club. RA got him talking…
How did you set about going through your collection?
Were you able to select all the tracks you wanted?


DJ Legends – Tony Humphries

Simply a great who we will never, ever get bored of grooving to…
You’re a Brooklyn boy, started DJing in the mid 70s at places like El Morocco and Club Tribeca… what were those days like?