Celebrate NYE IN NYC at Le Bain with Tony Humphries and Ultra Naté

NYE in NYC at Le Bain

Tony Humphries ringing in New Year with special live performance by Ultra Naté

Tickets: https://befreenye.splashthat.com/

Tony Humphries – In Conversation with Red Bull/ Australia

After 23 years, Tony Humphries returns to Sydney, Australia for the  Red Bull Weekender Sydney for a sold out show and conversation with Red Bull alumni, Lorna Clarkson.

LIVEstreaming In Conversation with Tony Humphries: RBMA Weekender

Due to licensing requirements, as soon as the music is introduced, the LIVE feed ends, BUT we will have the entire interview airing on Red Bull Radio next week. When the date and time are known, we will send out an announcement in socials. Thanks!



SOLD OUT | Zanzibar Meets Mad Racket: RBMA Weekender

Tony Humphries will follow his lecture at 107 Projects in Redfern with an era-spanning oeuvre of house music that evening, from New Jersey’s Zanzibar to Marrickville’s clubbing institution Mad Racket. Operating in Sydney since 1998 and fronted by DJs Simon Caldwell, Ken Cloud, Zootie and Jimmi James, Mad Racket and the seminal Zanzibar will converge to give partying punters the house music education of a lifetime at Marrickville Bowling Club, led by the epic five-hour set with Tony Humphries.


Tribute to Zanzibar set Live at the Liverpool Disco Festival


Kings Of House at Output in Brooklyn

Sunday July 2nd 

Kings Of House 


74 Wythe Street

Brooklyn, NY



Spring 2017

Spring 2017 with Tony Humphries

Friday April 28 AfterLife, –  Perugia, Italy

Saturday April 29 Elysia – Basel, Switzerland

Monday May 1 NEUHM – Key Beach Naples, Italy

Friday May 5  Phonox – London UK

Saturday May 6

Liverpool Disco Festival